Stratagem Health Analytics & Artificial Intelligence help Clinics and Plans improve Patient Outcomes and P4P.

Analyse and Predict with Patient Data across the continuum of care.

Actionable Data to meet UDS, HEDIS, eCQM, P4P & VBP needs.

Intervene quickly to Patient’s needs. Keep Patients out of the Hospital.



Meet your UDS reporting needs. Monitor and follow metrics and at-risk patients with real-time easy to use dashboards and registries. Identify and contact patients that are attributed but not yet seen.


Dashboards, Reports and Registries to meet all your Pay-for-Performance and Value-Based-Payment needs. Closely monitor metrics and patients that may be at-risk. Predict outcomes and prescribe actionable next steps to improve outcomes and performance. 


Track and Report Performance Measures by optimizing Data for submission.

Avoidable Readmissions cost $ 17 billion yearly.


Evidence suggests that patients can be effectively kept out of the hospital following a recent admission with effective discharge planning, closer follow-up and improved medication adherence. 

Photo by monkeybusinessimages/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by monkeybusinessimages/iStock / Getty Images

Achieve your 'Quadruple Aim' of Improving Quality, Decreasing Cost,  Increasing Patient Satisfaction, and Enhancing the work life of Healthcare Providers.


Stratagem Health's dashboards allow healthcare providers, case managers, healthcare organizations and health plans better coordinate the care of their patient population. Real time data analytic dashboards ensure that patients seek and obtain the care they need including appointments, referrals, labs, studies and medication refills.


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Photo by AlexRaths/iStock / Getty Images

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